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 Johnson's Vip Barber Salon began in 1997 as a traditional style Barber Shop. It's original name was Johnson's Barber Shop established by a husband and wife team. They later expanded to offer salon services, and transitioned to Johnson's Beauty & Barber Shop. In 2014, Johnson's Beauty & Barber was re-branded as Johnson's Vip Barber Salon. Although Johnson's or "JB Vip" Barber Salon in short is the latest brand, they offer the same quality of service and integrity as in 1997.

Today Johnson's Vip Barber Salon Of Wilmington, NC is still coined as an upscale barber salon experience that is unique to families, men, and women. JB Vip Barber Salon is a full service and multicultural barbering facility also offering salon treatments and services. In addition, they have diverse products in hair and skin care services, as well as periodic educational initiatives to improve customer awareness in healthy hair care practices. Johnson's Vip Barber Salon is committed to raising the standard for your hair care services, while providing a professional and efficient experience in a mild atmosphere. You won't spend your entire day getting your hair done!

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